Sketch: Theresa May rehearses for BGT

Theresa May on the campaign trail
Theresa May on the campaign trail
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DON’T BE surprised if Theresa May turns up on tonight’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent.

Given that she has already appeared on The One Show this week then anything now seems possible.

Apart from televised debates where voters can ask about boring old politics, the Prime Minister has made it clear she won’t be doing any of those.

But a Saturday night appearance alongside family favourites Ant and Dec would not be out of the questions.

Yesterday she certainly seemed to be polishing her stand-up comedy routine as she campaigned in the North East.

The standard stump speech which members of the media can now recite in their sleep had been given a bit of extra oomph.

“[Jeremy Corbyn] says he wants to change Britain, and that’s true.

“But what we’ve learned in this campaign is that he wants to turn it into the 1970s.”

Get it?

How about this one: “In just three weeks, Labour have taken us back 40 years.

“Or maybe 400 years according to Diane Abbott!”

It’s the way she tells them.

Yesterday also marked the point reached in every election campaign where each party starts to try and use the other side’s slogans and insults against them.

Mrs May told her audience that “while Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the narrow few, I want to speak for the many.”

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn was claiming a Conservative government would form a “coalition of risk and insecurity with Donald Trump”.

Bearing in mind there are still almost four weeks to go in this campaign, we can only fear where we might be come June 8.

Mr Corbyn will be promising stable leadership for the few while Mrs May will be pledging to form a coalition of chaos.

It would be nice to think the coming week, which promises the publication of the Labour and Conservative manifestos, will trigger an outbreak of serious policy discussion.

I’m not holding my breath.