Slaughter in trenches is nothing to celebrate

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

David Cameron has said that he intends to spend £50m in 2014 on celebrations to mark the beginning of World War One, and that his aim is to send secondary school children to visit the battlefields and trenches in France and Belgium.

This entire project needs to be handled and presented very, very carefully. Our country is in dire straits and many worthwhile things are desperately short of funds, so wise spending is essential.

The Kaiser was correct when he said: “Lions led by donkeys.” A strange topic to “celebrate”.

There is a very real danger that these “celebrations” will unleash a host of old myths, prejudices, stereotypes and virulent anti-German expressions, “gutter” red top newspaper headlines, and totally inappropriate words.

World wars should not be forgotten, but equally it is high time that more people accepted that today’s Germany and her peoples are nothing like those of the 1914-1918 nor 1933-1945.

From: D Birch, Smithy Lane, Cookridge, Leeds.

I CANNOT believe that our “glory bound” Prime Minister is going to spend £50m on a celebration of the First World War.

Since the year 1919 up to November 11, 2012, 93 years have passed. Each year we have paid homage to the huge number of dead and rightly so, as in my mind they were used and killed by generals who thought that frontline troops should be glad to die for their country.

The £50m is a fairly large sum of money to be used to celebrate a war, no matter how it is used. It actually amounts to approximately the income tax of 30,000 low paid earners for a full year’s work.

Where is this money coming from?