Small but perfectly formed

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A BED-AND-BREAKFAST owner who thinks he has found the world’s smallest hen’s egg took it in his pocket to show friends at the pub.

Paul Rae, 52, found the 20p piece-sized egg on Sunday morning alongside three normal-sized ones in his henhouse at the business he runs with his wife Margaret in Humshaugh, Northumberland.

He is hoping to get confirmation that his is the smallest egg, beating a previous claim which weighed 7.3g, as his is 5g, 2.5cm high and 2cm across.

Mr Rae, a former catering manager on oil rigs, said: “After I found it I had a quick look online then I took it to the pub.

“I carried it in my pocket. My friends said I should get in touch with the Guinness Book of Records.”

The couple, who run a restaurant and bed-and-breakfast from 200-year-old Walwick Farm, have no idea which of their four Lohmann Brown hens laid the egg.

Mr Rae said:“They have been laying normal eggs and then all of a sudden this tiny one came out.”