Snake slides in... after 18 months

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A stray snake found by a man drinking his morning tea could have been living in his wall for 18 months.

The man was shocked to discover the corn snake inside his flat on Beith, North Ayrshire, yesterday.

He took the reptile to a local vet, who contacted the SSPCA.

The snake has been named Rab after the man who found him and is being cared for at the charity’s Glasgow rehoming centre.

Neighbours in the block of flats lost a snake 18 months ago but have since moved out.

Animal rescue officer Tricia Smith said: “The man spotted Rab just as he was sitting down with his morning cuppa and he got quite a shock.

“He said that his neighbours upstairs lost their snake around a year and a half ago, and he thinks Rab may be theirs. Unfortunately, they moved out six months ago and we have no way of contacting them to find out if Rab does belong to them.

“If the heating has been on it’s possible a snake would survive for 18 months inside a wall cavity, provided it has been able to feed.”

Ms Smith said it is possible somebody else nearby has lost their snake as the animals are known as “notorious escape artists”.