Sneak preview: The Count of Monte Cristo

A RECKLESS, swashbuckling new adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' incredible tale of love, betrayal and consequence.

If you were about to marry your childhood sweetheart, had just been given the promotion you'd always wanted, and were surrounded by people you believed to be your best friends only to have it all ripped from you in one instant, how would you react?

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How would you cope with the knowledge that three greedy, morally bankrupt individuals had stolen your happiness? And what would you do if you were given the opportunity to take your revenge?

The Count of Monte Cristo has fascinated audiences around the world ever since its first publication. Now writer Joel Horwood and director Alan Lane have created a version of his story that captures all the fun and tragedy of the Count's transformation from wronged youth into seductive avenger.

Get behind the scenes as the actors practice fight and dance scenes.