So how high is our stock as tipsters? Stick with Infoserve for the long haul

IN politics, you can re-define a target when you are about to miss it. In finance, that's a lot harder, so I've come unstuck with Infoserve.

Its shares more than halved in 2010 to close yesterday at 3p, compared with 7p at the end of 2009. Sure, its share price went down but, in the long-run, I'm sure it will make a decent return. The Leeds-based firm has delivered an operating profit for the first time, moving into the black for the six months to September 30, as it cut costs and continued to invest in strategic partnerships, new product developments and sales. In November it said it had hired an extra 30 staff to help it grow.

Neither of these are signs of a company which is essentially flawed. On the contrary, continued backing from major shareholder David Hood, a serial entrepreneur from Yorkshire, indicates that its prospects are fair. So don't despair. Hold on to your Infoserve shares, if you ever bought them, think long-term – and don't hold me to 365 days.

I don't know if there will be another recession in 2011, but millions of others are confident we will suffer a double-dip. These gloomy spenders will flock to Morrisons as Britons' hunger for cheap groceries only increases in austere times.

Morrisons, now led by Irishman Dalton Phillips, is branching out into convenience stores, simplifying some of its ranges and finally testing internet shopping. None of these ideas sound revolutionary but, taken together, they can help the nation's fourth biggest retailer achieve strong growth outside its Yorkshire heartland.