Soft drinks safe in moderation

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From: Richard Laming, British Soft Drinks Association, London.

It is well-known that diabetes is the result of many different factors, including obesity and family history. The study you reported (“Can of soft drink ‘raises diabetes risk by a fifth’”, Yorkshire Post, April 25) does not look at causation and so cannot tell us if consuming soft drinks, or any other food or drink, is a further cause of diabetes.

In addition, the survey is based on information about people’s food choices that is up to 16-years-old, which is not going to be a very good guide as to what people are eating and drinking today. Soft drinks are safe to consume but, like all other food and drink, should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

An Eton mess

From: Roger Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, Keighley.

What a shock the election results must have been last Friday morning for David Cameron, even though it was his own doing.

If our toffee-nosed, Eton-educated Prime Minister had offered the people of this country a referendum on membership of Europe it would not have happened. The sooner Cameron gets rid of the Eton-educated members of his Cabinet, the better for all concerned.

Off the rails

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

IF Nigel Farage can’t be consistent on a policy as fundamental as high-speed rail (Yorkshire Post, May 6), how are we to trust Ukip with the economy? I’m afraid a vote for this lot will simply propel Ed Miliband and Ed Balls into Downing Street. Frightening.

Right on cue

From: Keith Doyle, Doncaster.

IT looks like the BBC took notice of your columnist Tom Richmond’s criticism of its snooker coverage (Yorkshire Post, May 4). That evening, they stuck with the second semi-final rather than asking viewers to switch to the red button. Thank you.