Solving mystery of singeing

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From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

MY recollection of boyhood visits to a 1950s Leeds barber’s may solve the mystery of singeing (Yorkshire Post, December 8).

It was a grim place – wooden walls, “short back and sides” (more sheep-shearer than hairdresser), Brylcreem, naked light bulbs and a solitary gas light, patiently awaiting a power cut.

The stench, to which Brian Sheridan refers, was supplemented by smoke from Woodbines and my father’s Capstan Full Strength.

A dog-eared notice – next to the one for Elland Road dog track – proclaimed “Singeing Prevents Colds”. I hope this explains things, however unconvincingly.

Limit allowance to two children

From: Philip Holmes, Lady Park Avenue, Bingley.

I WOULD like to assure WE Verity (Yorkshire Post, December 8) that he is not alone in his thoughts regarding child allowance and teenage pregnancies.

In view of our rapidly increasing population, it would certainly be a step in the right direction to limit family allowance to two children per family.

It also seems grossly unfair that we taxpayers subsidise single mothers who do not have to pay councill tax. This benefit should also be withdrawn.

Anyone seen Cromwell?

From: Derek Dawson, Ryhill, Wakefield.

I AGREE with John GK Wildie’s (Yorkshire Post, December 5) comments regarding politicians.

If one told me it was daylight, I would have to go outside and look, but we certainly don’t need more Liberals.

Please, is there an Oliver Cromwell out there?