Some MPs do know their veg

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From: Keith W Sturdy, Grimbald Road, Knaresborough.

WHILE I agree with the 
general contents of the letter of Ken Holmes (Yorkshire Post, August 7) regarding our MPs and their lack of backing towards our farmers, I don’t think he should generalise about all MPs and 
their lack of farming 

He has not looked far in his search for an MP who could start a combine harvester.

York Outer MP Julian Sturdy (no relation to me) is a farmer – as is Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill.

Behaving like 
a spoilt child

From: B Robinson, Midland Terrace, Hellifield.

I SEE that Nick Clegg is acting like a big spoilt child (Yorkshire Post, August 7).

Because he cannot have all his own way, he is throwing his dummy out of his pram.

If he considers where his party came in the last election he cannot expect to have much power.

It is about time that David Cameron told him to wind his neck in.

Paying the penalty

From: Jack Binks, Woodlands, East Ardsley.

IN the light of many warnings of what is not good for you – shouldn’t the Government issue warnings on saving which could line up a penalty.

A fine, if you like, on seeking assistance on reaching old age, ill health and infirmity etc.

No to same-sex marriage

From; Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

SCOTLAND must never follow the road to “debauchery”, as have our English friends, through acknowledging same 
sex marriage.

Scots surely have higher standards, family values and a future in sight for their