Son of Ripper victim targeted by web trolls

THE son of the Yorkshire Ripper’s first victim claims he has been targeted by an online troll – the day before the 40th anniversary of his mother’s death.

Yorkshire Ripper Murder Victim
Wilma McCann
Yorkshire Ripper Murder Victim Wilma McCann

Richard McCann, 45, says he has contacted police in relation to a malicious comment on Facebook, which he received after posting a status in tribute to his mother.

Wilma McCann was 28 years old when she was attacked and murdered by Peter Sutcliffe on October 30, 1975.

Speaking to The Yorkshire Post, Mr McCann said: “It is shocking. I’ve found the anniversary quite emotional. I had to pull my car over yesterday and cried on the side of the motorway. The true severity of what took place and what I had lost sunk in. It’s not just a story I read about in the papers – this is my mum. So to get that comment after feeling quite emotional...I was angry.”

Richard McCann, son of Wilma McCann who was murdered by the Yorkhsire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe.

Sutcliffe had been driving through Leeds in his green Ford Capri when he saw Ms McCann thumbing for a lift.

After parking near the Prince Phillip Playing Fields, close to her home, he attacked her with a hammer and fled the scene.

Sutcliffe went on to murder 12 more women and at least seven more were left for dead before he was finally arrested – five long years later.

Her brother Richard also led a troubled life and served time in prison on drugs charges before turning his life around.

Wilma McCann police search Yorkshire Ripper - Peter Sutcliffe victim 1975

He is now a father-of-three, motivational speaker, and author of two best-selling books about his life – Just A Boy and The Boy Grows Up.

Former Bradford lorry driver Sutcliffe, now aged 69, remains in custody in Broadmoor and is unlikely ever to be released.

Police searched for clues after the murder of Wilma McCann - but it was five years before Peter Sutcliffe was brought to book