Spain’s Alicante the ‘hot’ destination for Britons seeking home abroad

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Alicante in Spain has become the hottest spot for people looking to buy a home abroad, according to a property website.

Rightmove said it had 4.5 million searches for properties in the area over the past year, making it the most popular destination for people based in the UK to look for a second home or to relocate to via the website.

Previously, Malaga had been the most searched for destination, but it is now the second most searched for destination in Spain on Rightmove.

Overall, Rightmove said Spain is the most popular overseas country for people to search on its website, followed by France, the United States, Italy and Portugal.

For those searching for a home in France, Aquitaine is the most popular place to search, Rightmove said.

People searching for a home in the United States are most likely to search for locations in Florida, while for those looking in Italy, Tuscany is the most popular choice.

Central Algarve is the most popular search area for those looking for a property in Portugal, according to Rightmove’s data.