Special birthday honours launched to find ‘extraordinary’ hero

Who will be our star this Christmas Eve?
Who will be our star this Christmas Eve?
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TO MARK The Yorkshire Post’s 260th anniversary, we are giving our own special birthday honours - and we want you to nominate who you think deserves one.

The awards, to be announced on Christmas Eve, aim to celebrate the achievements of those who have made a difference over the past year. For these special honours you can choose your own hero who you feel deserves recognition.

They can be in any field such as sport, education, community or charity to name just a few – anyone whose efforts you think should be highlighted and praised. You may want to consider the events of last year nationally or regionally or look instead at events that have affected your community.

“This is an opportunity for The Yorkshire Post readers to nominate somebody special to them,” said The Yorkshire Post’s managing editor Nicola Furbisher. “We’re looking for those who demonstrate determination, integrity, honesty and compassion so we can celebrate their achievements and recognise the valuable contribution they have made to their communities or within their organisations.”

We hope as many of our readers as possible will help us celebrate our special Yorkshiremen and women in our landmark year.

Entries can be by post, email, or by social media and need to be in by close of play on December 11.

Give as much detail as you like.

Please write to Hannah Start, The Yorkshire Post, 260th Birthday Honours, No 1 Leeds, 26 Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 1BE or email hannah.start@jpress.co.uk, putting 260th Birthday Honours in the subject line.

You can also tweet @TheYP260 using #TheYP260.