Specialist unit wins Ofsted praise

Pupils who could be in danger of being excluded from school are to benefit from new measures planned by a specialist teaching unit.

Hambleton and Richmondshire pupil referral service, which operates as a short-stay school and outreach service to students with social, emotional, behavioural or health-related difficulties, was praised as "good" by inspectors at the end of its first year.

The service is now planning new initiatives such as a "maths for all" workshops as well providing opportunities for making short promotional films for a media skills qualification, and to taking part in a spring indoor athletics match and an after-school cooking club.

Ofsted has underlined the majority of students attending the pupil referral service, based in Northallerton, soon returned to mainstream education.

John Watson, North Yorkshire County Council's executive member for schools, said: "This first year has shown that students have the widest opportunities to improve their learning and enjoyment of education. Staff , students, parents and carers must be congratulated on these achievements and we look forward to the continuing success of the service."