Speeders get away with warnings

Speeding drivers have been caught in a police crackdown on Huddersfield Road in Bradford – but most escaped with a verbal warning.

Forty seven motorists were warned and five given fixed penalty tickets for speeding.

Police said a change from a 40mph limit to 30mph before Christmas was the reason for

issuing more warnings than tickets.

But they said future speeders would be fined and given penalty points.

The crackdown resulted in one arrest for drink driving and another for suspected disqualified driving.

The Queensbury, Royds and Wibsey police team Sergeant Jonathan Best said: "Speeding in this area is one of the issues which members of the public have told us about.

"We are always happy to listen to our community and if they have concerns then we will of course act on that.

"Although this is only one operation, we will be monitoring

the area through our regular patrols.

"It is vitally important that we stop speeding in these residential areas before someone is killed or injured."