Speedy and compassionate care at breast clinic

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From: Mrs Linda Ashby, Guiseley.

I FEEL I have to put into words the excellent service I have recently received from the NHS based at St James’s Hospital in Leeds. After a routine mammogram, I was recalled for a further mammogram at Seacroft Hospital. This took place on Wednesday, August 21, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had three biopsies taken and was told I would receive a phone call on Friday with an appointment for the Breast Clinic at St James’s.

Indeed they did ring and gave me my appointment for September 2. The team in this department are wonderful, very kind, compassionate and professional. They explained everything to me about my operation and aftercare. The date for my operation was the following Monday, September 9.

All went well and I was given a follow-up appointment for two weeks later.

I again attended the Breast Clinic on September 24 to be told my cancer had been removed and nothing had spread to my lymph nodes. I have another appointment for a fortnight’s time to see an oncologist to discuss further treatment. I cannot give enough thanks for the speed, efficiency and care I have received and would urge all women to attend their mammogram appointments. I do hope you print this letter as the NHS receives a lot of bad publicity and I feel that this department at St James’s Hospital deliver a wonderful service.