Square deal for Aids orphans

Pupils have knitted their way to success in a challenge to produce squares to be made into blankets for the Aids orphans of South Africa.

Children at Cundall Manor School, near York, joined the Knit-A-Square Appeal, and managed to contribute the most squares in the UK.

The children, aged eight to 10, were taught to knit and crochet in and after school craft group.

Zoe Cox, nine, above, has been the most prolific knitter and not only mentored classmates but recruited her mother and grandmother to help create over 50 squares.

Teacher Paula Kuit said yesterday: "The first challenge was teaching the children to knit and crochet but once they had mastered it, they were very enthusiastic. Both the boys and the girls have loved being involved and seeing their work grow."

Picture: gerard binks.