Staff create amazing 'hay bale tank' at stately home

Tanks on the lawn!

The hay bale tank at Lotherton Hall

Staff at Leeds stately home Lotherton Hall have built this incredible military tank using hay bales ahead of the attraction's Wartime Weekend.

A talented employee created the Panzer-inspired structure using 20 bales, a disused water tank for the turret and a drainpipe for the 88mm main gun.

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There is even an effigy of a driver made out of an old boiler suit stuffed with bubble wrap and a polystyrene head with an old helmet and goggles on.

The impressive creation has even featured in wedding photographs taken at the Aberford estate in recent weeks.

The Wartime Weekend at Lotherton takes place from June 17-18 between 11am and 4pm. For tickets go to