Standard of driving has reached an all-time low

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From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.

I HEARTILY agree with Michael Day’s letter (Yorkshire Post, January 30) that it is indeed a time for a crackdown on bad driving.

The standard of driving in this country has really reached an all-time low, and Michael is right in that most accidents are caused by sober motorists.

However, I feel its not so much about visibility, but that the average motorist does not concentrate on driving.

When I was much younger, we were lucky if cars had a wireless (even a heater for that matter), whereas now we have high power audio systems, sat-navs, mobile phones, reversing aids and all sorts of demands on our attention.

Admittedly cars are far safer now, but by being so safe they lull the owner into thinking he/she is infallible and that is the main problem.

You only have to observe the school run mothers driving fast to get their mites in on time, unloading the children onto the road rather than the pavement side, then dashing off at full speed to get to work.

The white van man struggling to use his mobile while searching for an address; the belligerent driver overtaking a line of parked cars regardless of the on-coming traffic that has right of way because he hasn’t the time for courtesy; the “must get the shopping done” airhead who whizzes round supermarket car parks at 30mph plus to get “that” space. The dim-wit who still hasn’t learnt the rule of give way to the right at mini-traffic islands.

Although I do drive fast where the law allows I tend to drive defensively.

All in all it is down to drivers to realise there are consequences for not concentrating on the job in hand – driving skilfully and with awareness stops accidents and saves lives.