Stately home estate gets the measure of champion trees

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WITH crisp winter days there is no better time to take in the beautiful landscape of a National Trust property, especially when visitors could spot a recently discovered Yorkshire champion tree.

There are many beautiful trees at Beningbrough, near York, but some have a statistical significance that until now has gone unnoticed.

Gardener, Tom Longridge, said: “I found out about ‘champion trees’ some time ago: the tallest and largest trees for each species in the country. The Tree Register is the charity that keeps the database of such records.”

While browsing through the register he decided some of the Beningbrough trees could be in with a chance.

A Cockscomb Beech in the American Garden is one of the larger trees on the property and results came back to confirm the Cockscomb Beech is a Yorkshire Champion for girth.

However it transpires there is more than one Yorkshire champion at Beningbrough. The largest of the cherries on the Cherry Lawn is a Yorkshire champion for girth, the whitebeam in the playground is a Yorkshire champion for height and the Hungarian oak near the estate yard is a Yorkshire champion for height and girth.