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THESE days, it might be thought that a couple in their 50s would be no strangers to loud music. Indeed, it is even possible that they might still enjoy recalling their teenage years with an evening of punk, heavy metal or disco music, albeit perhaps at a slightly lower volume than during their 1970s heyday.

This was not the case in the battle between next-door neighbours which ended up before York magistrates yesterday, however, where it appears that the generation gap was considerably wider than the walls separating the two terraced houses.

For the harsh fact is that, regardless of their taste in music – in this case, a diet of non-stop Rihanna during the early hours – the younger couple, Sean Brough and Lyndsey Smith, were simply playing it far too loudly.

Indeed, according to council officers, the music was so loud that it would be impossible for their middle-aged neighbours – or, indeed, anyone else next door – to sleep.

No one can expect neighbours to share musical tastes. But at least it is to be hoped that this particular couple, who ended up paying for their musical preference to the tune of £1,215, have learned that a spot of consideration comes at a far cheaper price.