Stop tiresome correctness

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From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon

THE excellent tongue-in-cheek letter from Barry Ewbank (Yorkshire Post, December 4) highlighting the continuing creep of political correctness was a joy to behold.

Like Barry and many others, I am sick and tired of committees and groups being led by a “chair” rather than a chairman or chairlady. This is just another tiresome example that needs to be stopped sooner rather than later.

I for one would refuse to lead any committee if I was to be referred to as the “chair” rather than the chairman. Perhaps a little more of that attitude is needed across the country?

Political correctness continues to take over in totally unnecessary areas, and really does need reigning in before it is too late.

High earners should play fair

From: John Fortune, Skelmanthorpe.

IT was great news to all of us who have had no option but to pay PAYE all our hard-working lives when the BBC were forced into a U-turn and began to take tax by PAYE from its high-earning celebrities.

Not satisfied with their fabulous fees, and wealthy enough to pay clever accountants to avoid tax by setting up phantom companies, they smugly pay Corporation Tax at half the rate those of us ‘’pulling together’’ contribute to the Exchequer.

When is that other great national institution, the NHS, going to stop paying high-earning medical practitioners (particularly locums) by the same procedure?