Stranded seal rescued from middle of road in Scarborough

North Yorkshire Highways officers came to the rescue when a seal was washed ashore at high tide in Scarborough.

The seal had come ashore in Scarborough
The seal had come ashore in Scarborough

The officers were on Foreshore Road in Scarborough at 4.30am yesterday morning (Monday) to deal with a temporary road closure due to the expected high tide.

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The officers had found a seal that had come ashore and was on a traffic island in the middle of the road.

North Yorkshire County Council said: “Efforts were made to encourage the seal back to the sea but it seemed determined to stay on Foreshore Road. Injuries could be seen on the seal’s flippers.

“After a number of phone calls, the seal was rescued by staff from Scarborough Sealife Centre, where it was taken to recover from its injuries before being released.”