Stress at work on the increase

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Yorkshire’s workforce is getting more stressed, according to research commissioned by Regus, the workplace provider with centres in Leeds and Sheffield.

The poll canvassed local professionals and found that almost half say their stress levels have risen over the past year.

Continuing instability in the economy, concerns over jobs and the rising cost of living are all fuelling pressure on workers.

Respondents in Yorkshire pinpointed the top stress triggers in their life as their job (56 per cent), their personal finances (53 per cent) and their management (37 per cent).

Earlier this year, research conducted for Regus showed that 67 per cent of Yorkshire professionals had taken on additional duties during the economic slowdown which have not subsequently been picked up by new staff, as employers strive to do more with less.

When quizzed about possible solutions to mounting pressure in the professional sphere, nearly two-thirds of workers (64 per cent) identified flexible working as a way for employers to reduce staff stress, such as granting workers a degree of choice in work location as well as hours.

Dr Clare Kelliher, professor of Work and Organisation at the Cranfield School of Management, said: “It is clear that levels of stress are on the rise across Yorkshire. Whilst some pressure can be seen as beneficial, if employees suffer stress-related health problems, such as insomnia and exhaustion, they are likely to be less productive and eventually employers may find that they lose valuable workers.”