Study offers hope to ME sufferers

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SUFFERERS of the condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) have been offered new hope following a landmark study which suggests the condition can be reversed with counselling and exercise.

Researchers have now identified two forms of treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), both of which could help thousands of patients.

The ground-breaking study is the most comprehensive to date and challenges the widely accepted belief that the illness cannot be cured.

Scientists, who spent eight years on the research, believe it could herald a new dawn for the treatment of ME.

They hope their findings will dispel the notion that nothing can be done for those living with the condition in the UK – a figure which currently stands at around a quarter of a million.

Researchers found six in 10 patients reported significant improvements after undergoing either cognitive behavioural therapy – a type of counselling which helps people to take charge of issues, while encouraging them to increase their activity – or graded exercise therapy, which is based on gradually increasing exercise.