Stuntman falls 2,400ft without using parachute

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A stuntman has became the first person to jump out of a helicopter and land without using a parachute.

Gary Connery, 42, used a special “wingsuit” to make the death-defying leap 2,400ft above Oxfordshire, the first time anyone has successfully jumped from such a height without deploying a parachute.

Mr Connery, who has performed stunts in Hollywood films including Indiana Jones, Batman Begins and The Beach, helped TO develop the suit, which enables him to glide through the air.

After jumping out of the helicopter, Mr Connery plunged downwards before accelerating to speeds of around 80mph as his wingsuit came into play.

The short flight ended with him landing on a “runway” made up of around 18,000 cardboard boxes.

Mr Connery, who had to wear a parachute for the jump due to safety rules, was celebrating with champagne minutes after being back on the ground.

“I feel incredible, just completely elated,” he said. “I have been training and planning for this record attempt for many years now and I am so proud to have achieved a world first.”