Subsea specialists in fibre optic deal

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FIBRE optic cable will soon be heading for the depths around the Norwegian coast, with help from a British subsea company.

Darlington-based DeepOcean UK has secured an agreement with the oil and gas company Statoil to work on a deep water project.

The project involves the procurement, installation and burial of 140km of fibre optic cable in water depths up to 1,300m.

The Aasta Hansteen project is one of the first developments of its kind in the Norwegian Sea.

DeepOcean will mobilise a number of vehicles from its subsea fleet, including the MD3 Cable Plough and the CMR4 trenching Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). Installation is due to take place next year from the Maersk Recorder vessel.

Tony Inglis, DeepOceanUK, managing director, said: “This project brings together a number of our key assets and demonstrates confidence in our ability to manage complex projects in harsh environments.

“This is a great reward for our team in the UK, where we have developed a long track record in subsea installation and intervention. We are delighted to be working with Statoil.”