Suicide fall at Dales landmark

A GRADUATE computer technologist who was suffering depression, jumped to his death from the top of Malham Cove after a series of suicide attempts, an inquest heard.

Anthony Maw, 32, of Grantley Drive, Harrogate, had twice tried to hang himself, had jumped from the sixth floor of a car park and had tried to electrocute himself before finally taking his life at the Dales landmark.

In a statement read out at an inquest into his death in Skipton yesterday, walker Christopher Mepham described seeing Mr Maw sitting on the edge of the Cove, about 100m high, one afternoon last September.

Mr Mepham, who was at the scene with his wife and young son, said he glanced up at the man before turning to walk away.

As he did so, he heard a scream and turned round to see the man falling through mid-air.

The inquest heard that Mr Maw had a six-year history of depression and had been receiving psychiatric treatment for some time.

In March last year he was diagnosed with tinnitus, which further depressed him as one of his favourite hobbies was listening to loud music.

His father, John, said he worked long hours in his job as a computer software developer and had changed jobs in an attempt to alleviate his depression. He had been considering becoming a joiner and cabinet-maker in preference to his work with computers at the time he died, Mr Maw said.

On the day of his death he had been out for a drive in his sports car and had an appointment with a psychiatric nurse the following day, he added.

"He found the severity of the tinnitus so disconcerting, and I think this, combined with the depression, is probably one of the reasons he committed suicide in the end," Mr Maw said.

Acting North Yorkshire coroner, Geoff Fell, recorded a verdict that Anthony Maw took his own life while the balance of his mind was disturbed.