Super Blue Blood Moon and lunar eclipse set to light up skies this month

An incredibly rare lunar phenomenon will take place in the skies at the end of this month - a Supermoon, a blood moon and a total lunar eclipse, all in the same night.

On January 31, NASA is advising us to look up to the stars.

The space agency is calling the night a 'super blue blood moon'. Each of the different events are rare on their own, but together they have not happened for 150 years.

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The Supermoon means the moon will appear larger and about 30 per cent brighter than normal. Supermoons are quite uncommon, so this would normally be interesting by itself.

The full moon will also be a blue moon that night. Not blue in colour - it just means that it's the second time in a month that there has been a full moon, which happens just under every three years.

Finally, the night will also be a lunar eclipse. The moon will turn a deep, rich red - what many refer to as a 'blood moon'.

This final phenomenon will only be visible in parts of the world including Asia and Eastern Europe.