Super-rare quintuplet lambs born on Yorkshire farm

A ewe has given birth to an incredible FIVE lambs on a farm near Selby.

The owners of Hilltop Farm in Acaster were astonished when one of their flock produced quintuplets this week.

Hannah Dean, who helps to run her parents' farm with her sister Jess, has a flock of 150 Lleyn ewes as well as some pedigree Blue Texels.

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The odds of a ewe having five surviving lambs from one pregnancy has previously been described as 'one in a million'.

Although multiple births do happen more regularly, it is common for one or more lamb to be stillborn.

Hilltop Farm is a mixed arable and livestock farm run by Robert and Amanda Dean and their four daughters. They also rear cattle and goats as well as sheep.

In 2017, staff at East Yorkshire stately home Sledmere House were amazed when one of their Mashams delivered five healthy lambs, who were named after the Jackson Five.

At the time, the head stockman said he had 'never seen anything like it' during his 30-year shepherding career.