Support for both sides of argument over Duke

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From: Norma McNichol, Lynwood Drive, Carlton, Barnsley.

I AGREE with the letter from Janet Berry (Yorkshire Post, June 15) about the Duke of Edinburgh. I recorded the Fiona Bruce interview and I only watched about half of it because I became more and more disgusted with the Duke and sorry for poor Fiona.

I stopped the recording and deleted it.

The Duke was rude and derogatory in his manner, and very dismissive with his answers. He ought not to have agreed to do something he obviously did not want to do.

He has certainly gone down in my estimation, although I know the Yorkshire Post has certain correspondents who think Royalty can do no wrong.

From: Peter R Hyde, Driffield, East Yorkshire

JANET Berry may well be correct in all she says about the Duke of Edinburgh, but tell me how many men of 90 have his vigour?

He has supported the Queen magnificently throughout her reign. Most men of his age are either dead or dribbling into their napkins. He is damned if he does and equally damned if he doesn’t.

She asks why he gave the interview at all. I’ll tell her why. The media natter and natter on and refusal often leads to accusations of “who does he think he is?” or “he’s too big for his boots” and other such comments.

Let’s accept him for what he is as well as for what he has done for the Queen in both good and bad times. What a wonderful man he is.