Survey reveals the most Googled phrases about Yorkshire's cities

Research has revealed which adjectives are associated with Yorkshire cities among Google users.

Travel company Premium Tours used the search engine's autocomplete feature to discover what browsers were most likely to type when searching for a city's name.

Many British towns were suffixed by the phrase 'a dump' - but the picture was much rosier for Leeds, as the phrase 'the best place to live' was the most frequently Googled.

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Bradford also showed up well on the rankings - the phrase 'bouncing back' was the most commonly associated with a city keen to regenerate.

Sheffield's famous moniker as the 'greenest city in Europe' was its most frequently searched.

York, a city known globally for its history, was most often followed by the phrase 'conquered by Vikings'.

The only Yorkshire city to have a negative reputation was Hull - the phrase 'portal to hell' was the most popular among Google users when looking up the 2017 City of Culture winner.