Survey will reveal heating needs

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RESIDENTS in Bridlington could be offered free home insulation by taking part in a survey of private rented accommodation in the resort.

Officers from East Riding Council’s private sector housing team will be carrying out the survey to establish whether properties are eligible for help with heating and insulation which, in some cases may be free of charge.

Residents and owner-occupiers will receive a letter prior to the survey explaining that an officer will be visiting soon.

Free follow-up home safety checks, provided by the fire service, will also be arranged, as well as the opportunity to address any identified health and safety issues.

The survey will enable the council to develop a clearer picture of both the type and nature of housing occupation in the area and target energy efficiency programmes.

Tenants in properties which have been accredited by their landlord as part of the local authority’s accreditation schemes will not be visited as they already comply with minimum standards.

Landlords can find out about the schemes by calling (01482) 396301.