'Sweet, innocent face' of Hobson the boy recalled

SOMEONE who went to school with Mark Hobson revealed yesterday that he was renowned for his "angelic" looks, including "a sweet, innocent face". The man, who did not wish to be named, was a contemporary of Hobson at Heath View Primary School, Eastmoor, near Wakefield. Robert Sutcliffe

He said: "I remember him having a sweet, innocent face with a mop of blond hair. He was always very quiet and looked angelic. He was popular with the girls even at that age. He didn't have large amounts of friends but he was always polite and friendly."

The man added that the news of the double murder investigation this week "had come as a nasty shock".

Details of Hobson's family background also emerged yesterday. His father, Peter Hobson, had a long career in the mining industry, eventually rising to become a deputy and over-manager at Parkhill Colliery until its closure in 1982.

He started at Walton pit in 1958 before getting a job working for a firm of mining contractors. After Parkhill closed the family moved to the Selby area so Mr Hobson could get work at the coalfield there.

A relative, who did not want to be named, said: "Mark's dad was very well-respected at the pit. He didn't have a violent streak and neither did he drink. He was keen on amateur rugby league and interested in all sports."

Hobson was born at the maternity hospital in Wakefield on September 2, 1969. His mother Sandra, a machinist, had two daughters – Melanie and Lesley.

Hobson's father was 19 when he married his 18-year-old bride at Sharlston Parish Church, near Wakefield. The couple lived in the shadow of Wakefield rugby league club's ground at Belle Vue.

Later they moved a mile away to the Eastmoor council estate. Their home was a brick-built semi-detached house in Woodhouse Road, Eastmoor. Hobson went to Heath View Primary School in Eastmoor but left soon afterwards to go to Selby.