A swim at Leeds council leisure centres could cost £5 if price changes approved

THE price of a swim at Leeds City Council-run leisure centres could be increased by almost nine per cent to £5 as part of an overhaul of charges.


Council chiefs are proposing increasing leisure centre charges for single activities while cutting prices for membership packages.

A report to Leeds City Council’s chief officer of culture and sport states that the current cost of health and fitness packages at council-run leisure centres is “relatively high,” but casual “pay and play” prices have not changed for four years.

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The report reveals a string of pricing changes are planned in a bid to help the council’s sports service increase its income by £375,000.

Proposed increases include an 8.7 per cent hike in the price of a standard ‘adult casual swim’ from £4.60 to £5.

It is proposed to increase junior swim lessons from £5.90 to £6.20, a rise of just over five per cent.

The price of an adult gym session could go up from £6.40 to £7, an increase of more than nine per cent.

However, costs of membership packages could be cut with proposals including cutting the current gym and swim monthly cost from £33.40 to £28.95.

The report states: “The conclusion of this report is to recommend the approval to implement membership and pay and play price changes at the council’s leisure centres.”