Sympathy for store worker in age of the mobile

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From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor, East Yorkshire.

The recent incident where Sainsbury’s reprimanded a member of staff for refusing to serve a customer while she was prattling on a mobile is, I feel, endemic of the current attitude as regards mobile phone usage.

The fact that the company offered the customer compensation is ridiculous 
and shows that Sainsbury’s fails to support its staff and puts profit above common sense.

The customer is typical of the new breed of ignorant people who consider their life and their mobile to be of paramount importance above all other things. The courtesy of giving your full attention to someone serving you should take precedence.

However, as we see, the phone overrides everything, giving 
way to people answering while on the toilet, while driving and even during treatment in hospital.

However the most disturbing thing is that people like Ms Clarke seem to deem checkout staff as merely a facility to check goods and take money and nothing else.

They seem to forget that checkout staff are people 
who work hard and sometimes have to endure abuse from 
the public, and of course 
they are only human and not robots!

Do I work on a checkout? No, but I am one of the older generation who still have manners and respect for those who serve me.