Syntopix chosen for international research project

ACNE specialist Syntopix has secured backing for a 30 day international research project to help formulate and design new skincare products.

Intelligent Formulation, which supports businesses involved in compound formulation, picked Syntopix and one other company from 20 applicants.

Syntopix, which is based in Bradford but is a spinout from the University of Leeds, develops chemical compounds used in acne, gingivitis and body odour treatments.

The firm will work with experts from across the globe to characterise microemulsions made from environmentally friendly surfactants - compounds that lower the surface tension of a liquid, allowing easier spreading - especially those used to make skincare cosmetics.

It is hoped the data generated from the study will help scientists to formulate new cosmetic, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

Dr Steve Jones, chief executive of Syntopix, said: "Taking part in this challenge is very important to Syntopix and I am pleased we have been selected. Formulating microemulsions can be problematic due to its trial and error nature and is made all the more difficult by the lack of physical parameters available to inform their design. Our research project will help determine some of these essential parameters to speed up selection of ingredients.

"The project will give our formulation work a huge boost and ensure we can develop products right first time, saving both time and money. We are delighted that our innovative approach to formulation has been recognised as important to the industry as a whole. "

Dr Jim Bullock, chief executive of Intelligent Formulation, said: "All the assessors were very impressed with the Syntopix proposal because it will benefit not only their business, but also the wider formulation network from which we attract our members."

Work on the research project has started and practical work is scheduled to finish in January.