'˜Tackle balding hair early and you can keep it for longer'. Tips from top stylist to the stars

Three-times winner of British Men's Hairdresser and Celebrity Hairdresser of the Year Jamie Stevens has a client list including Leonardo di Caprio, Hugh Grant, Olly Murs and Callum Best. He tells Stephanie Smith his tips on tackling male baldness and helping men's hair to look its best.

Jamie Stevens has clients including Leonardo DiCaprio and Olly Murs.
Jamie Stevens has clients including Leonardo DiCaprio and Olly Murs.

Going bald is a far from welcome prospect for many men but, says hairdresser Jamie Stevens, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the loss and the concern.

“Tackle it early and you can hang on to hair for longer,” he says.

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Jamie, three-times winner of British Men’s Hairdresser, has worked with clients including Leonardo di Caprio, Hugh Grant, Olly Murs and Callum Best. About 70 per cent of men will be affected by some sort of male pattern baldness, from completely losing the hair, to receding or thinning in certain areas, he says.

“Genetics affect different areas of the hair. The top area of the hair will thin and fall out, but the gene that affects the hair below the recession and occipital bone (what we call the Friar Tuck area) means this doesn’t thin or fall out in tandem with the top.

“The simple top tip for cutting thinning hair is that the back and sides of the hair should be cut shorter and thinner than the top, which makes the top area look thicker and fuller.”

Colouring hair can also help. “Darker hair looks thicker, and colour also swells the hair shaft to enhance thickness,” he says.

“Volumising products for thinning hair offer a short-term improvement and can temporarily make your hair look thicker.”

Jamie has developed the range to help thicken, disguise and style thinning hair. “Think of this as the prevention step. Grooming staples are the foundation for any good hair care regime,” he says.

“Find a style that suits fine hair. For example, adjust a parting to avoid bald patches. Longer hair weighs more and may leave more scalp exposed. Never rub wet hair with a towel as thin hair is fragile and can break, just pat dry. A silk pillowcase causes less damage to the hair as you get less friction when you sleep.”

Jamie’s nutrition tips: for healthy hair

Jame says: “Nutrition wouldn’t impact a condition such as male pattern baldness but you can support your hair through diet. I recommend looking at incorporating the following vitamins and minerals into your daily diet.”

Vitamin A – this is imperative for the creation of sebum, which protects the hairs follicle and helps hair growth.

Vitamin B complex – contains biotin, that is a part of b-vitamin family. Biotin helps to increase hairs natural volume and shine.

Vitamin C – helps to product collagen, which is a naturally occurring protein in your body that is essential to healthy hair. It reinforces hairs quality and helps to make it stronger.

Iron – is essential for the production of red blood cells. These cells carry around oxygen and other nutrients around the body. A healthy blood supply is essential for hair growth. Too little iron in your diet can result in less healthy hair as these nutrients aren’t reaching your scalp effectively.

Protein – hair is, in its basic form, keratin protein. The same material found in our hair fibres

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