Take a butcher’s at prices to see why we go to supermarket

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From: Martin Fletcher, Savile Close, Emley, Huddersfield.

ONE of the reasons a lot of working class people do not buy from local butchers is because they are too expensive. End of.

The two nearest to me are far too expensive for my wallet and take advantage because the supermarkets are at least three miles away from the villages around.

Morrisons, arguably the best of the big supermarkets for meat and poultry, is over three miles away for the nearest one.

We read all this rubbish about sticking with British butchers but it is noticeable that three British wholesalers and slaughterers are now allegedly involved. I doubt either that our local butchers’ prices will go down because they are selling more. No – they are more likely to go up to take advantage of shoppers while they can. Greed and avarice killed off most local butchers, as with most shops.

I would also point out that just because they call it British mince does not mean, as we have read, that it is beef or lamb. Not if the last two arrests are anything to go by. I have in the past three years made my own meat pies and lasagne from fresh or frozen mince bought with a UK sign on it but I am not sure that it guarantees it is in fact mince after what I have read.

As for the woman who says she does not get receipts in the market, from stalls, when did we ever unless it was a covered one with established fixed stalls? And that is not her problem.

And the quality is no better than a supermarket. If it was it would not be cheap. Not from a farm or retailer’s stall.

I use a farm shop in Cleckheaton. I drive to Leeds Market occasionally and I go to Bury indoor meat and fish market. I like their stuff but that is no guarantee, is it?

Until the “local” butchers have reasonable prices, I and others will always go to Asda or Morrisons etc. Not M&S, they are another one who thinks their name means they can sell ordinary food for high prices.

We should never have left the Commonwealth for meat and gone to the EU and of course 
East European companies are going to be corrupt. It is how they survive.

From: Susan Abbott, Melbourne Road, Wakefield.

FURTHER to the ongoing scandal about meat, I have to say that to me, apart from obviously the health side, it’s all about the taste.

When buying meat from your local butcher, farm shop or farmers’ market not only do you know where your meat is coming from you certainly can taste the difference! I know locally sourced meat can be more expensive but homemade meals are so much healthier and more filling. The same goes for locally produced vegetables and let’s not forget bread.

When bought from a baker’s shop bread is so much tastier than buying these mass-produced loaves from the supermarket. I’m still on a mission to find a tasty sliced loaf for toast. If you visit a local fete or church fair, the first things to be sold are the homemade cakes which speaks for itself.

Hopefully, more people will now support local businesses and give the large supermarkets a run for their money!