Teenager tells of drama as food allergy appears

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A TEENAGER was rushed to hospital on his 15th birthday when he suffered his first dramatic allergic nut reaction after eating a chocolate.

Robert Cockings, 15, said he wanted to tell his story during National Food Allergy and Intolerance Week to raise awareness of life-threatening allergies.

Robert, from Grenoside in Sheffield, described how his face swelled up and he could not breathe. He was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

“I was really surprised I was having an allergic reaction,” he said. “At first I thought I was short of breath due to my asthma, but as the swelling got worse and the blisters appeared I knew there was something wrong.”

His mother, teacher Julie Cockings, said: “I never thought someone could develop an allergic reaction at this age – especially when he had been eating chocolates all Christmas.”

Two per cent of UK adults have been diagnosed with food allergies.