Teenagers steered back on track in bobsleigh project

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TROUBLED teenagers who have become disillusioned with school and college have been given the chance to take part in a winter sport, thanks to a project run by with the help of a Sheffield-based champion.

The young people involved in the Team Active Fun scheme have each experienced problems with “disengagement” which leaders resulted in them becoming involved in gangs.

The programme to help them is being developed by Bobsleigh world champion Nicola Minichiello, and GB Olympic bobsleigh team manager Jo Manning who have used their skills associated with the sport.

Minichiello said: “Bobsleigh is a team sport that requires an enormous amount of commitment, determination and dedication. We’ve been delighted with the commitment the boys have shown to the programme. “We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from our sponsors which include Tata Speciality Steels, Newburgh Engineering, LifeSkills, and the JG Graves Charitable Trust.”

Ashraf Yousseff, bobsleigh team member said: “Being involved in the bobsleigh programme has been fantastic. Nicola, Jo and the team have really inspired me.

“Spending time with them has given me the motivation to continue and hopefully compete at the Olympics myself one day.”

Mick Hood, of Tata Steel’s South Yorkshire-based Speciality Steels business said: “Engaging and developing young people is an integral part of the Tata Steel community programme and the work that Nicola and the team have done to help achieve this has been outstanding.”