Telephone sales companies sting you twice

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From: Edward Ward, Sycamore Crescent, Bawtry, Doncaster.

I AM writing with reference to a letter from Elizabeth Baker (Yorkshire Post, July 25) about telephone scams. I totally agree.

The telephone preference service is useless. The companies just ignore the rules.

I subscribe to several charities by direct debit but they keep calling me. I was so annoyed at the time that I told the caller if he rang again, I would stop all donations to the cause! It worked.

The other problem I think is excessive charges.

We have to ring to order goods sometimes and these are premium rate numbers, some as much as 10 pence per minute. What a scam.

We talk about scams on the internet but this one takes the biscuit.

We all have to pay for a telephone line, usually about £15 per month. Why should we have to pay more for some of these calls?

This, I think, affects the disabled and infirm, who sometimes have to use the telephone to order goods.

Please write to your MP about this, if you think that they should be allowed to make these charges and ring you out of the blue offering services. I think that it is disgraceful.

These companies are too greedy!