Temperature is still rising and hopes are high that heatwave is set to stay

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TEMPERATURES look set to soar to their highest this year – with the mini-heatwave expected to linger until the end of the month.

Thermometers could reach as high as 26C today and nudge
28C tomorrow in Yorkshire, although it will be cooler on the East Coast.

The hot weather has also sparked warnings by rescue agencies for people to take care when entering the water, following several incidents.

In the latest at Hornsea a man had to be escorted to safety after being carried more than half a mile out to sea in a dinghy.

Met Office forecaster Jenny Rourke said after a slight dip mid-week, temperatures would start rising again.

She said: “Our 30-day outlook is showing that we will have high pressure with us for the next few weeks. Make the most of it this week and the week after.”

There has been criticism of the Met Office following predictions just a few weeks ago that the UK should prepare for up to a decade of soggy summers.

Ms Rourke said: “It is looking at long-term trends in a 10-year time frame. Within that 10-year period you can get anomalies. We are not saying every summer is going to be a wash-out – as this July is proving.”

She added: “If you like warm, hot summers, the jet stream is in a good position, in a more northerly position, which is giving us this high pressure and dry and sunny periods.”

Sue Hickson-Marsay, coxswain of the independent inshore lifeboat Hornsea Rescue said people should acquaint themselves with the tides when they came to the beach, be aware of how cold the water was – and not put inflatables in the sea.

She said: “Saturday’s incident could have been very different story had the dinghy capsized. People think it is nice to put to sea, but further out it’s very cold and even the strongest swimmers will lose the ability to swim.”

The warning came after a boy died while swimming in a disused quarry. The boy, who has not yet been named, failed to resurface after swimming in Gullet Quarry, near Malvern.