Ten of the most commonly asked Yorkshire questions

You may think you know everything there is to know about God's own county.

PIC: YPN/Shutterstock

Here, we answer ten of the most commonly-asked questions about Yorkshire.

Historians surmise that the white rose became the symbol of the House of York as far back as the 14th century. Edmund of Langley, the houses founder, chose it because in Christian liturgical symbolism, white is the symbol of light, symbolising innocence and purity, joy and glory. Fitting.

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The recurring chorus of our unofficial national anthem means on Ilkley Moor without a hat. The song tells of a lover courting the object of his affections, Mary Jane, while the singers warn him that heading up to the moor without a flat cap will result in his death, then his burial, the eating of his corpse by worms, the eating of the worms by ducks and then finally the eating of the ducks by the singers.
Well, it was pretty much a draw bizarrely, although most Lankys will claim victory. Henry VII defeated our man King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, but the truth is that we were reforming at a rate of knots, and a hastily arranged marriage between Henry VII and Elizabeth of York was forged to reconcile the two houses.
Unfortunately not. Leeds Millennium Square does have a number of rooms, corridors and holding spaces dug deep beneath the surface, but these are for events held at the venue, and are not a recommended nuclear safety point.
Yes we do. As hard as it might be to believe, the worlds largest Indian restaurant isnt in Bangalore or New Dehli, but sits on Bradford Road in Cleckheaton. Aakash is built in a beautiful 19th century chapel and can seat up to 860 guests at any one time.
Er, no. It was pointed out a number of years ago that a very old statute may have technically given permission to shoot a Scot with a bow and arrow at one point, so long as you were within the walls of York castle and it wasnt a Sunday. But its not legal anymore, people. Murder is murder. So youll have to be a little less bloodthirsty when encountering visitors from North of the border.
Nope. Although without us, its pretty likely that football as we know it wouldnt exist. Sheffield FC was the first ever proper club, founded in 1857, and almost single-handedly put an end to the mob-village style footy played up until then. In 2004 they were awarded a FIFA Order of Merit, a distinction only ever given to only one other club Real Madrid.
Another rumour harking back to our medieval and ancient heritage, this. Many believe there to be a vast network of underground tunnels that run from various churches and convents, centralising on Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. It sounds cool, but there are is no evidence of these existing.
Whether youre handed a plate-sized Giant Yorkshire, or Aunt Bessies Mini Yorkshire, the fact of the matter is that a Yorkshire Pudding isnt a Yorkshire Pudding unless its at least four inches tall. This was defined in 2008 by The Royal Society of Chemistry, of all folk, who also released an official recipe.
Yes it is.