Ten years on police appeal for help in solving cabbie’s murder

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POLICE have launched a fresh appeal to trace the murderer of taxi driver Mohammed Basharat more than a decade after he was killed in a suspected revenge attack in Bradford.

Father-of-four Mr Basharat was shot dead at Little Horton private hire office in Park Lane after he was involved in a road rage incident the previous day when his car clipped the wing mirror of another vehicle.

More than 10 years on from the killing, officers from West Yorkshire Police maintained that they remain as determined as ever to trace the killer and help discover what happened for the sake of Mr Basharat’s family. They are keen to find out more information about a man detectives yesterday described as a “significant person” in the murder hunt.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said last night: “He (Mr Basharat) was an innocent man going about his business when his life was taken away from him.”

Mr Basharat was murdered on Saturday October 20, 2001, by a lone gunman, inside the base of Little Horton Private Hire Taxis in Park Lane in Bradford.

The police spokesman confirmed that it is believed the killing was as a result of Mr Basharat being involved in a road traffic incident the day before in the Park Lane area of Little Horton, Bradford. Mr Basharat, who was aged 33, got out of his car and a scuffle developed between him and the African-Caribbean driver of the other car.

The powerfully-built Mr Basharat, who was 6ft 5in tall, is thought to have got the better of the much smaller man, who then threatened to kill him and said something like “you don’t know who you’re messing with”.

The next day a hooded and gloved African-Caribbean man walked into the private hire office and shot Mr Basharat in the head twice from close range.

He also tried to shoot other drivers in the office but the gun failed to go off.

Detective Inspector Steve Snow, a senior officer who is working on the murder case, said yesterday: “Inquiries into this incident remain ongoing and we are seeking information about a significant person we believe to be connected with this incident.

“Ricardo Linton lived in the Little Horton and Girlington areas of Bradford. He also went by the alias Wayne Alfonso MacDonald and the nickname ‘Teddy’. It is known that he often frequented the Young Lions Club on Lumb Lane Bradford.

“When Linton (Teddy) initially arrived in the UK from Jamaica, he was living in the Elephant & Castle area of London, before moving to Bradford.

“Linton has been traced and is currently serving a custodial sentence in the USA for other matters, but we would like to speak to anyone who has any information about his activity when he arrived in the UK in June 2001 before fleeing the country for his native Jamaica.

“I want to people to think back to 2001, were you associating with Teddy, from June onwards, did you ever meet him in the Young Lions.

“Did he ever confide in you or speak about the incident? Do you know something but were afraid to come forward to the police, or were reluctant to get involved due to having some allegiance with Teddy, which may now have changed?

“Whilst Linton is of significant interest to the inquiry, we still want people to come forward, as they may hold some vital clues, which may help bring some conclusion to the family of Mr Basharat.

“Anyone associated with this man who didn’t come forward at the time of the incident is asked to contact police to assist us with our enquiries.

“Ten years on, we are as committed as we were in October 2001 to see this inquiry through to a conclusion.”

Anyone with information about the murder of Mr Basharat is asked to contact West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team by calling 01924 334640.