Tested: Which is the best biscuit for dunking into tea?

April 21 will see national tea day, a day which celebrates one of the nation's beloved drinks and with this will come many debates regarding tea, including the best biscuit to dunk in your cuppa.

Wren Kitchens have decided to shine the spotlight on not only the humble cup of tea, but its equally famous companion: the beloved biscuit.

However, one technicality that can quite literally make or break the perfect brew is – how well does it dunk?

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Wren Kitchens have conducted an experiment that puts the Nation’s favourite biscuits to the test, in order to discover how long each of them can last before crumbling under the pressure.

The Method

Each biscuit was dunked half way into a freshly brewed cup of tea (temperature is a key factor) and held in place until it broke. A stop watch was used to record the breakage time.

The Results

Once the experiment was over, it was crunch time for our beloved baked goods. They ranked each biscuit by its breaking point, from lowest to highest – and also included a RDT (Recommended Dunking Time).

They primarily focused on 12 classic, most well-known varieties of biscuits, capturing all of their breaking points.

Check out the gallery for all the rundown of the Biscuit Breaking Points.

The breaking point ranges from just 15 seconds to a whopping 2 minutes and 39 seconds and the RDT ranges from just 3 seconds up 10 11 seconds, depending on the biscuit of course.

However, they also did a separate test on the biscuits which are seen to be a little quirkier, categorising them as ‘Miscellaneous’, to see how they fared against the classic biscuits.

The breaking point for these biscuits ranged from 15 seconds to 1 minute 5 seconds, showing the drastic difference in biscuit durability.

The Recommended Dunking Time for these ‘miscellaneous’ biscuits ranges from 3 seconds up to 7 seconds, but this again depends on the type of biscuit being dunked.

Everybody has their favourite biscuits, and everybody has their favourite tea-dunking biscuits, the choice of which depends on habit to durability to taste, but in this experiment which biscuit survived the longest and which one crumbled miserably to the bottom of the mug?