Testing the limits of Scots’ nerve

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From: Michael J Robinson, Park Lane, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

I WAS disappointed by the debate on Scottish independence (The Yorkshire Post, August 7). Although we see so many of their car bumper stickers proclaiming “Ecosse” on their Saltires, there was no indication as to whether an independent Scotland would follow the example of their traditional French friends and drive on the right.

There was no mention of my suggestion that they should commit to the adoption of 100 Thistles to the Sporran as their currency. It could start off at parity with sterling, and then, shorn of the millions of subsidies from our taxation, we could watch it subside from there.

And if I fail to collect on my 7/2 wager on a Yes vote, could we not follow the splendid example of our EU masters in such as Ireland and make them have their vote again until they get it “right”?

Failing that, can England and Wales then have a vote on whether we are prepared to continue to bear the expensive burden of Scotland’s subsidies or whether we would prefer to dis-Unite them? After all, it is our Kingdom as well as Scotland’s. For the time being, anyway.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

COULD you mount an effective campaign to rid the East Riding of the awful Humberside title? Humberside ceased to exist many years ago and yet we still have a Humberside postal address, a Humberside police force and a Humberside fire service... I, and many other proud Yorkshiremen and women, abhor the name.

on solar panels

From: Paul Barwell, Chief Executive, Solar Trade Association.

I’D like to reassure Jayne Dowle that south-facing solar panels are categorically not facing the wrong way (Solar farce short-circuits green dream once again, The Yorkshire Post, July 31).

Professor Gottschalg has expressed his dismay to us directly at the way national newspapers have spun his research.

In short, south-facing panels will generate more clean electricity than any other orientation. East or west-facing panels may offer greater fuel savings for households that consistently use a lot of electricity in the mornings or evenings, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

The Green Deal may have left many frustrated, but the Feed-in Tariff still offers returns for solar panels as good as when the scheme first launched in 2010, and the new RHI makes solar hot water a very attractive proposition too.

Bowlers get
a raw deal

From: John Bolton, Gregory Springs Mount, Mirfield.

TO read that Kirklees Council has decided not to provide facilities for bowling in the new Huddersfield Sports Centre (The Yorkshire Post, August 4) has me completely baffled. How can they deny large groups of active involvement, whatever age group they may be, when the benefit to society in general and senior citizens in particular is recognised by governments, health experts and social-welfare advisors alike?

This decision also has to be seen in context of the proposed total closure and demolition of Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre in Cleckheaton which currently caters for 2,000-plus regular users over a wide age range and activies and includes disabled, visually impaired and recovering heart attack groups.

Time to settle steam bus saga

From: BA Anderton, Church Green, Bridlington.

IT is unfortunate that the two warring parties in the Whitby steam bus saga seemingly cannot settle their differences, because the East Coast really cannot afford to lose such a unique tourist attraction.

To be able to experience such an unusual mode of transport in this day and age should indeed be savoured, and doubtless many people will take the opportunity to do so before the November 2 deadline.

How sad to think that after that time another tourist initiative looks like being lost.

Mobile menace
on our roads

From: Sue Cuthbert, Newton on Rawcliffe, North Yorkshire.

RE the David Craggs letter “Should we tell on drivers using their mobiles?”

We should notify the police if we see a person talking on their mobile and driving a car, van or any other form of transport (The Yorkshire Post, August 6).

Earlier this year, I spoke to a driver in Pickering because he was driving and using a mobile. His attitude was appalling. It seemed to him I had no right to criticise him. I now wish I had reported this incident to the police.

Over three weeks ago, I was driving into Folkton village at 9.50pm when a car coming in the opposite direction crossed over the road and drove straight at 

I did an emergency stop and at the last minute the other car pulled back over to its side of the road.

The other car just drove on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see its registration number.

If someone knows who this driver is, please ask them “Were you talking or texting on your mobile? You very nearly killed two people”.