Thank goodness for a Queen we can celebrate

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From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, Near Wakefield.

JAYNE Dowle’s column “All this flag waving is a missed opportunity’ (Yorkshire Post, May 17) was very entertaining and amusing. But, by the time I reached the end, I felt flattened.

There was only one fleeting reference to the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and surely Jayne herself had “missed an opportunity” to say that the reason for all this tawdry, tatty merchandise emblazoned with Union Jacks is to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

For the first time, I have been determined to display some bunting as it is such a unique and special occasion. Finally, I’ve tracked down a string of flimsy flags, which cost not much more than a cup of coffee, and I’m hoping they will withstand the wind and rain!

Actually, Jayne, we really can be “all in this together” for the simple reason that the Queen is non-political, thank goodness! As her subjects, for once we can forget the divisive obsession some people have with a thoroughly outdated class system and unite under one banner.

Jayne writes: “Lacking leaders we trust, we rally instinctively to the comforting nostalgia of the Flag.”

Not so! Rather do we turn to the constant, reliable presence of a Queen who does not let us down but has served our nation, without blemish, for 60 years.

The wedding of William and Kate last year was a wonderful event which, for the majority, will never be forgotten – just as I remember the Queen’s Coronation as one of the highlights of my life when I was truly proud to be British. The “patriotic legacy” will be memories of a joyous celebration of a Queen who deserves our love, respect and gratitude.

In the small church of Austwick, a tiny parish near Settle, three beautiful stained glass windows were donated by the parishioners in 1887 “To the Glory of God and for the 50th year of the reign of Queen Victoria”.

How will we commemorate the 60th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II?