Thanks for a wonderful welcome in Yorkshire

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From: David and Pamela Whitehead and Layton Rear, Sunnydale Crescent, Hinckley, Leicestershire.

I hope you will permit through the auspices of your newspaper to record our enjoyment of our recent holiday in Bridlington and to express our thanks to all the wonderful folk we met, not least Susan, Terry and family of the Malvern guest house for the warmth of their hospitality.

We had arranged this our second visit as we came to depart last year’s holiday after experiencing the warmth and friendliness of the Yorkshire welcome but returned this time with a five-year-old. Despite little in the way of warm sunshine but sans rain the three of us were able to enjoy the highly commendable Brid beach. In addition we would like to thank the ‘crew’ of the pirate ship and wonderful value, it is just a pound a head.

We also wish to express our thanks to all the volunteers involved with the NYMR which provided a fun-filled day for the lad – Layton – as we undertook the return journey from Pickering to Goathland where our friend Alan and his dog Bradley must surely have arranged for a relatively sunny and warm afternoon for our visit.

We should add that the scenery on the rail journey was truly beautiful and we it is hard to disagree that Yorkshire is indeed God’s own country.

Bridlington and Yorkshire did we three visitors proud, plenty for everyone of all ages to enjoy whatever the weather and even if a repeat of earlier sentiment the warmth and friendliness towards ‘southerners’ begs you to return.

And shall we? Oh, yes – and with the other members of Layton’s family as well.

Our heart-felt thanks for a wonderful holiday.