The brand new trike that made little Jack one merry Christmas

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JACK Christmas will be just like every other little boy this year – when he takes a ride on his new trike on Christmas Day.

The three-year-old suffers from a number of genetic disorders but that doesn’t stop him from loving the fun on three wheels.

So to ensure he does not miss out, friends and family, the Variety Club, fundraiser Eve Lomax, as well as inmates and wardens at HMP Wolds in Everthorpe, helped raise £2,250 to buy him a trike, specially designed for youngsters with special needs.

Jack can’t speak yet, though he has a knack of clicking his fingers – something he copies off mum, Dawn, 38 – and blows kisses to everyone. And when it comes to riding a trike, he can pedal like the clappers.

The trike has a handle and a function to lock the pedals so his mum and dad, Tony, 39, or even big brother, Robert, 13, can push him when he gets tired. It means the family can spend more time outdoors, where Jack is happiest.

“He loves the wind in his hair and on his face, he loves the feeling of being outside in the air, he squeals with delight,” said Tony.

Postman Tony, from Hull, said: “This has really made our Christmas. We are so grateful to everybody for getting Jack his amazing present.

“With Jack we have our hands full but he is such a great boy, he is so sweet and placid, every day is Christmas in our house.”

Jack got to ride a trike when his dad took him along to the Aiming High bike scheme for the disabled in their local park last year.

And Tony and primary school teacher Dawn, could not believe how excited Jack was and set about raising money to get him a trike of his very own.

Tony added: “When he was on that bike, he came into his own, he was so excited.

“He is a happy, placid little boy anyway, but he just loved it, – as every boy his age does.”