The eight most interesting new jobs in 2016

Be a beer smeller in 2016
Be a beer smeller in 2016
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ARE you tired of being on your career ladder and feel like jumping off? Maybe you’re sick of your daily grind and want adventurous, new challenges?

2015 is coming to an end and there will soon be a chance to move on to a new chapter. You’d be surprised at what’s on offer out there for the right candidates.

StandOutCV, a CV-writing company, have some interesting vacancies listed, which might not have crossed your mind already for 2016. Here are eight that you might find great...

1. Placenta Chef: There is an ancient Chinese tradition of eating placenta - and it has caught on over here with Jamie Oliver jumping on board. If you have a hardened stomach and the thought does not put you off, then this could be the role for you.

2. Astronauts for future space missions: Nasa has announced its plan to launch a human mission to Mars and, although it is not happening until 2030 at least, they are advertising. You’ll need an appropriate degree, three-years’ relevant experience or over 1,000 hours’ experience piloting a jet.

3. Chick Sexers: This role involves determining whether a chick is male or female - which is determined by delicately squeezing a little poo out of the animal. Despite a salary of £40,000 on offer, the British Poultry Council is experiencing a shortage of these workers.

4. Beer Smeller: Rather than being out of pocket after spending money on festive revelry, you can turn your fondness for alcohol into your career. BrewDog in Aberdeen are looking for someone to smell and drink beer, helping them find the best attributes in each product.

5. Train Pusher: In Japan, trains often get so busy that professional pushers are required to get people on to the overcrowded services. Pushers need to pull off sneaky passengers who attempt to board the train too late. You will be required to wear a uniform with white gloves.

6. Master Lego Builder: If you’ve been helping the kids with their Lego sets, which you bought them for Christmas, then maybe you could be building towards something bigger. Lego offer the opportunity to become a Master Lego Builder to work at one of its theme parks or discovery centres.

7. Video Game Tester: Stop being told off by your mum for spending too long in your bedroom playing games - and start being paid for it. Gaming geeks can look forward to a full-time role but you have to make sure that you report faults and ensure quality.

8. Chelsea manager: Not for the faint-hearted as you might be faced with players throwing their bibs at you and medical staff running on to the field when you do not want them to. You’ll also need to meet the expectations of a Russian billionaire owner.